You Have Received a Regulatory Subpoena. Now What?


By:  Richard B. Newman State AGs can issue subpoenas during an investigation, before initiating a legal case.  Receiving a subpoena from an AG can be an intimidating prospect.  Related investigations often seek substantial monetary settlements from online marketers. Generally speaking, AGs possess investigatory powers that permit them to seek documents,…

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Arbitration Clauses Face Renewed Legislative Attack


Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson have reintroduced a bill, the Arbitration Fairness Act, that would preclude companies and institutions from preemptively forcing employees, customers and others to arbitrate antitrust suits, civil rights claims and other consumer-oriented disputes. Despite the fact that Congress initially intended the Federal…

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Pinterest – Go Big Or Go Home


On April 1st five team members from Pinterest’s headquarters arrived at the company’s Tokyo office to take part in an experiment that the company is pioneering apply named “Pioneering.” No this was not an elaborate April Fools Day Joke, but Pinterest’s first run at shipping a small team to a remote…

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Rejuvenate your Affiliate Program for Q 1

Our client and favorite affiliate network, Share Results, has a good post I wanted to share. They offer tips for rejuvenating your affiliate program including: performing benchmarking analysis, motivating affiliates and doing a program audit. Rejuvenate your Affiliate Program | Share Results Has your affiliate program got you down? Do…

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Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2013

If you want to stay on top of the ever changing world of affiliate marketing, you need to keep a watchful eye on the top affiliate blogs. The Twist Directory just put out a great list of the top 30 affiliate blogs. Considering I have not been blogging much lately I was surprised we made the list and came out in the #13 spot. Thanks! Check the rest and be sure you are subscribed to all the RSS feeds.

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Wanted to send along another warning to affiliates to be careful who you partner with AND be careful how you promote affiliate products. There was a big rash of crackdowns and busts a couple years ago on Acai affiliates, many of whom were using those fake news sites to promote their wares. Evidently all those busts didn’t quash all the bad players and Clickbooth one of the biggest affiliate networks, appears to have gotten caught now in the FTC’s cross hairs.

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