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  • Firefox – Don’t Eat Everyone’s Affiliate Cookies – There is an issue brewing that should be of concern to all affiliate marketers. Firefox announced earlier in the year that they would start blocking cookies from third-party ad networks by default. That means network affiliate cookies would be blocked as well.
  • Rejuvenate your Affiliate Program for Q 1 – Our client and favorite affiliate network, Share Results, has a good post I wanted to share. They offer tips for rejuvenating your affiliate program including: performing benchmarking analysis, motivating affiliates and doing a program audit. Rejuvenate your Affiliate Program | Share Results Has your affiliate program got you down? Do you feel like it’s in […]
  • Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2013 – If you want to stay on top of the ever changing world of affiliate marketing, you need to keep a watchful eye on the top affiliate blogs. The Twist Directory just put out a great list of the top 30 affiliate blogs. Considering I have not been blogging much lately I was surprised we made the list and came out in the #13 spot. Thanks! Check the rest and be sure you are subscribed to all the RSS feeds.
  • Happy New Year from 5 Star Affiliate Programs – 2012 zipped by and 2013 is already here. It’s really true that the older you get the faster time flies. So I hope you make every minute count this year and that you reach new levels of success and prosperity in 2013. On behalf of all the 5 Star Merchants and Affiliate Managers Happy New […]
  • Affiliate Network To Fork Over $2 Million to FTC for Acai Ads – Wanted to send along another warning to affiliates to be careful who you partner with AND be careful how you promote affiliate products. There was a big rash of crackdowns and busts a couple years ago on Acai affiliates, many of whom were using those fake news sites to promote their wares. Evidently all those busts didn’t quash all the bad players and Clickbooth one of the biggest affiliate networks, appears to have gotten caught now in the FTC’s cross hairs.
  • The Attitude of Gratitude – Happy THANKSgiving from 5 Star – It’s easy with the busy online lives we lead to take things for granted – yet by remembering to give thanks for all we have, we can attract even more abundance into our lives. So remember to take time out of all the turkey day festivities this year to give thanks for the many blessings […]
  • Ramp up for Holiday Affiliate Sales – Shopping Insights from Google – Here is an in-depth study from Google about WHAT people are going to be shopping for this season along with insights about HOW they will be purchasing. Today, people no longer see a line between online and offline shopping, and neither do smart retailers. This year online and offline shopping experiences are more seamless than ever – across pricing, functionality, promotions – making this the first NONline holiday season…
  • Google Updates Webmaster Guidelines for Affiliates – Here’s What Changed – I rushed out and grabbed a copy of the old Webmaster Guidelines for Affiliates from Google cache, so we can compare the old with the new. And below for your viewing pleasure are both!
    The most noteworthy change I highlighted in bold. In simple terms Google changed the tone from “affiliate sites are bad” to a more positive tone and highlights what makes a “Good” affiliate site.
  • Get Wise Affiliate Marketing – It’s Google’s Way or the Highway – Google controls so much of the Internet marketing ecosystem. Like it or not, affiliates have to play Google’s way or it’s the highway. I recently had an affiliate program manager contact me to say they needed to cancel their 5 Star affiliate promotion campaign and close their affiliate program because their affiliates were hit so hard by Panda. So there is a trickle down affect to Google’s actions and it affects everyone, even me. So I thought I’d share a couple recent articles that may be helpful in learning to play the game Google’s way.
  • Google Affiliate Network Launches New Recommendation Engine – Yesterday Google released a completely new recommendation engine that redefines how both affiliates and merchants can find and take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities. Below are a few highlights from the announcement.
  • Important Google Video – Insights and Tips about Affiliate Marketing At Google I/O Seminar – Here is some great info direct from Google about how it can be used to drive more affiliate sales. Some affiliates say Google hates affiliates, but Google does not. They just hate THIN affiliate sites. So here, direct from the horse’s mouth, are some insights about how do to affiliate marketing right. Also goes into higher level stuff like APIS, how network links are constructed and how tracking and cookies work.
  • Monetizing Online Forums – The book, called ‘Monetizing Online Forums’ is the most in-depth source of information on generating revenue from online forums to date. The book just launched and is available for free.
  • Change your Affiliate Attitude AND Your Affiliate Site Architecture to Survive in a Google World – Really great insights and tips about how affiliates need to change, adapt or die in the new world of Google Penguin, Panda and all the other updates. This video and the blog post below it are as much about the attitude adjustments affiliates need to make, as it is about the site structure changes that are needed. Lots of meat – well worth a watch and a read!
  • Major CPA Affiliate Networks Crashing and Burning – Here are some Reasons Why – So what is shaking up the industry and causing all these problems? I think it’s somewhat of a domino effect that can happen when you have chains of advertisers and networks all interconnected and pushing each other’s offers to some degree. Then mix in a few big FTC lawsuits and fines, all the rebill problems, tightening up of merchant account terms and things start to fall apart. I’ve really never liked the CPA industry much because so much of it is spammy, scammy, get rich quick offers, incentive offers and freebies.
  • Google Just Launched Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger – Google just announced a long overdue easy widget so Blogger bloggers can easily monetize their blogs via the Google affiliate network. I helped launch the Google Affiliate Network back in 2008 and did their promotion for over 2 years and still follow their progress. Surprised they didn’t do this sooner.