December 2008

13 Tips to Help Increase Adwords CTR

Stuart from Earners Blog has some great guidelines for increasing your Google Adwords click-through rate. 13 Smokin Tips to Increase Adwords CTR I’m slightly obsessed when it comes to CTR with my campaigns, I’ll always try to push things as hard as I can to get the best bang for…

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Google Affiliate Network – New Affiliate Programs

December 23, 2008 New programs available through Google Affiliate Network: Bigelow Chemists CTRL Acne Treatment System Bigelow Chemists Commission: 12% CD: 30 Days Join Program Program Highlights: 12% commission Commission duration 30 Days BYOL available C.O. Bigelow Chemists is the oldest apothecary in America, credited with making a difference in the…

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Affilicon Conference Overview

A battery of top industry experts will present and attend numerous panels. 1,500+ attendees and over 70 exhibitors are expected at this 2 packed days event to be held in a prime convention center.

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