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Overstock Files Lawsuit to Fight New York Tax Law

BIG breaking news. Overstock just filed a complaint with the New York Supreme Court to issue an injunction and to declare the law unconstitutional.” We really needed another major retailer to challenge this law as Amazon did. We are coordinating a New York Tax panel discussion for next weeks radio show.

Is Google Getting into Lead Gen? Merchant Search Beta

Breaking Story. I wonder how Adwords advertisers or affiliates doing PPC to lead gen programs are going to feel when this Google Lead Gen page comes up right beside their paid ads? See screenshot! Competition from the big G can’t be good news for them.

Score a Double Header in Google – Bump Off a Competitor

Heres a trick for doubling your presence in the serps while at the same time bumping your credibility up and the competition down. Have you ever scored a double header in Google like the one below. I have. Bonus DUDE!

Affiliate Association Forming? Affiliate Insider Discussion

The special guest on Thursday’s Affiliate Marketing Insider radio show will be Rebecca Madigan. Rebecca was formerly director of product management at CJ and was recently hired by Anik Singal of Affiliate Classroom to do discovery and research on forming an affiliate marketing association. Host Linda Woods and Rebecca will be discussing the need for […]

Consumer Backlash Over New York Affiliate Tax Could Hurt Us

Sorry, I don’t really have time for lots of commentary on this, but if you are involved in or affected by the New York Tax issue you need to be following the latest really detailed conversation that’s developed in my last post about the tax issues. Dozier Internet Law: 10 Tips for New York Affiliate […]

Which Country Could Be a Goldmine for Smart Affiliates?

PPC costs are much lower there. Pricewaterhouse predicts online ad spend will grow faster here than anywhere in the world. 73% of the population is online, 85% are running high-speed. Most affiliates havent even thought of this so largely an untapped goldmine.

New Free Affiliate Marketing Magazine

Been meaning to blog this but have been tied up on all the New York Affiliate Tax news and doing behind the scenes work on the issue. Anyway its always nice to have hard copy industry mags to read when you are stuck at the Doctor’s office or just want to do some offline reading.

Dozier Internet Law: 10 Tips for New York Affiliate Tax Problems

Yesterday, I contacted a leading Internet attorney. He’s worked lots of affiliate marketing cases, tax ligation and was a lobbyist on three tax bills. He is trying to help the AM industry in our fight and just blogged 10 Tips for Dealing with the NY Law.

Merchants – URGENT Re New York Affiliate Tax Law

ESSENTIAL information that merchants with affiliates in New York MUST implement right away! I just got off the New York Tax conference call with DMA Tax Counsel. Here’s how you may be able to REBUT the law.

Mini Sites and Landing Pages for Affiliate PPC are Dead

I’m always toying with the idea of trying my hand at PPC/CPA affiliate marketing. Quality score issues make it tough. I don’t have time to build a 20 page destination site just to test an offer, do you? What do you think??? Read the rest, then come back to discuss.

Linkshare/DMA – Join the New York Tax Conference Call PLUS DMA’s Analysis of the Law

Linkshare and the DMA will be having a conference call Thursday. Get on the call if you can. Here is the DMAs legal analysis of the law so far. By contrast here is what CJ is doing… nothing really.

Important New Info for Merchants re New York Affiliate Tax Law

Carefully read examples 5 and 6 in the law… there is a possibility that simply placing a link on a website (with no further solicitation which includes email) is an activity that would not qualify.

This law is horribly written and confusing from my perspective… but merchants should carefully consider their options with their legal counsels to see if they either qualify (under examples 2/3 etc…) or are exempt as in example 6

Overstock Your PR Sucks – Plus Affiliates Fight NY Tax Law (OSTK)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 5/31 Overstock Files Suit Against New York! Complete Coverage of the New York Affiliate Tax Issues Here Yesterday Overstock released a press release regarding their reason for dropping 3,400 affiliates over the New York, affiliate-driven sales tax issue. Check out the Overstock Press Release headline! Says ‘Yes’ to New York Consumers, ‘No’ […]

CPA Success Tips from Experts and Affiliate Managers

Whether you’re an aspiring super affiliate, a top earner, or a part-time affiliate looking to make a little extra each month, this free info will help you learn to earn more. Tip 1 – CPA networks will turn you down in a minute if you’re doing even one of these things…

Warning – California May Copy NY’s Amazon Affiliate Tax Law

Amazon needs to kick this New York law off the books so it does not set a precedence other states can follow. A TON of affiliates and merchants with affiliate programs could be affected by this goes through in California as well as New York. This could get knarly!

Overstock Fires New York Affiliates Over New Tax Law

Oh crap – I was afraid this would happen! Overstock is taking the easiest way out and just throwing affiliates under the bus to try to avoid the New York affiliate-based sales tax problem. Amazon is suing the state of New Your over it. See my other blogs for background.

RevResponse Redefines Affiliate/Publisher Support

So many networks have a turn and burn attitude towards website publishers. We established rigorous support standards to help publishers earn maximum revenue while giving their users relevant, valuable content. From the tremendous response we’ve received so far, we think we’ve succeeded

An Ethical PayDay Loan Affiliate Program – PayDayOne

I typically shy away from PayDay Loan affiliate programs, however this company came to me via a referral from a VERY big, well respected SEO blogger – they are a client of his. I’m proud to introduce our newest 5 Star Affiliate Program…

If surferz start hordin their moneyz Affiliates gots to get smarter

Sorry, the looming recession is no laughing matter, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this pic! :-)
good blog post yesterday about good products and services affiliates can focus on during a recession…

Creative Article Marketing for Affiliate Retail Product Sales

I’m not big on article marketing. I know a lot of affiliates that do it, just too many ebookers for me. Great blog about article marketing for retail products that I thought would be really helpful to affiliates. The key is to NOT sound like you are selling a product but to write interesting, informational, educational copy that publishers will accept and consumers are going to want to read.