Best Free Web Templates for Affiliate Marketing

Using web templates as a starting foundation can be one of the fastest ways to build a site. Whether you are a pro who wants to build niche sites faster or a newbie that wants to take some shortcuts in the site building process, discover some great FREE and low cost templates here.

There are tons of web templates out there, but many are not designed right to help you get good search rankings. In fact many are HORRIBLE for SEO! Many do not validate and additionally are not set up very well for affiliate marketing or contextual ads like Adsense.

We have an informative thread going at the 5 Star Affiliate Forums where myself and other 5 Star members share some of the best web template resources. From affiliate templates built specifically for James Martell based affiliate sites, to Dr. Andy Williams’ SEO Web Site Builder templates, to gorgeous FREE CSS and XHTML strict templates – you’ll find the best of the best here.

Find great, bookmarkable template resources that could make building your next site easier and share YOUR best sources for well designed free or low cost web templates.