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What if there was a way for you to take the best elements of Adsense, Amazon aStore, Chitika eMiniMalls and top brand name merchant datafeeds – shake it all up, improve on some of the concepts, put everything on steroids and add it to your site with a line of code?

Imagine profiting from sales from Macys, Walmart, OverStock, Sears, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Shopping.com, Zappos and MANY more without ever having to join any of their affiliate programs and without having to pull datafeeds? Imagine offering your visitors the ability to browse and shop all these fine merchants right on your site, without leaving your site until they are ready to buy. Now you can! Announcing the official launch of Tumri.

Yesterday I wrote: Later this week I will blog about the HOTTEST affiliate widget I’ve seen. I’ve been sitting on this info for a month now and just can’t wait to share it with you. So here it is.

TUMRI CornerStore – The Ultimate Online Marketing Widget!
Tumri CornerStore

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I want you to see one of these ad units in action and
show you a couple things that make the TUMRI Cornerstore so unique. 1st, to get set up you can choose ads by category or merchant and then control the size and look of the ads which come in all IAB standard sizes. But it gets much better than that!

Ok lets take a look at a Cornerstore ad unit. Click to go there, then pretend you are a visitor to your site. Click the “browse” drop down menu and pick another product category like digital cameras. Then enter laptop in the “deals” section. Then click the “right arrow” to see more deals from different major retailers. Pretty cool – all those brands can be shopped without leaving your site!

And the best part??? Set it and forget it! Let Tumri take care of everything for you!

Ok so now you want to see the money, right??? Some merchants pay Tumri CPC others pay CPA – the merchant/advertiser can choose. Either way Tumri shares the revenue with you, so you can earn some per click as well as per sale commissions. Oh and it can work in contextual mode OR you can turn off contextual so you can still use Adsense too, but why would you want to?

Whether you are a merchant, a retailer, affiliate or blogger that is reading this today, I’d like to hook you up with the person at Tumri that can help you if you have questions or need to set up a special relationship. Contact Jeff Ransdell, Tumri’s Director of Publisher Development at 805-879-1780 and let him know you heard about Tumri at 5 Star.

If you are an affiliate or blogger you can just registerand add a Cornerstore to your site today. Here’s the official launch info from Tumri:

Tumri Innovates Online Shopping with Performance Technology
Tumri is leading the next generation of online marketing with their merchandising network featuring CornerStore, a fully automated, interactive shopping unit available in a full range of standard IAB sizes and easily customized skins. CornerStore aggregates and organizes product catalogues and is powered by a learning engine which employs behavioral targeting, historical customer action and optimization techniques. CornerStore then displays the most appealing product assortment for each web user on the network.

CornerStore Benefits
• Optimal Monetization for Publishers
– CornerStore gives control to publishers and bloggers to select products, product categories and/or merchants they want or don’t want to appear on their site. Alternatively, CornerStore can automatically choose from the full range of products and offer selections based on site content, past user behavior, location and many other factors. Whether customized or automated, CornerStore is dynamically optimized to provide the best possible conversion rate and commissions from site traffic.

• Brand Reinforcement and Smart Targeting for Advertisers – For advertisers, CornerStore offers an automated, targeted, and highly scalable path to the most valued customers on the web, and enables delivery of personalized, relevant and real-time merchandised products. CornerStore uniquely provides advertisers the ability to sell products, reinforce their brand and showcase special promotions all at the same time.

• Ease of Use – Tumri CornerStores are easy to employ via a simple 10-line JavaScript tag that is a trouble-free, one-time plug-and-play. Once the initial implementation is complete, CornerStore display products based on publishers’ parameters and current site content without needing any manual intervention.

Get Your CornerStore Now – To learn more about Tumri’s performance technology for online marketing visit www.tumri.com. To get started now with your own CornerStore and increase your site revenue today sign up at http://www.tumri.com/publishers/whytumri.htm.

Have questions or feedback? Please post in the Tumri discussion thread at our forum.

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