Affiliate Tracking Cookies vs Anti-Spyware Software Report

cookie eater A week ago I blogged about and promised to share a new Anti-Spyware and Affiliate Tracking Cookies Report by Ben Edelman. Well the report just came out and is up on Vinny Lingham’s site now. See: Cookies Detected by Anti-Spyware Programs: The Current Status for the full, very in-depth report about which affiliate network cookies get deleted most often and which anti-spyware programs are the most problematic for our industry.

As you can imagine, the biggest affiliate networks have affiliate tracking cookies detected most often – namely Commission Junction, BeFree, LinkShare and TradeDoubler. 2 of the networks I often recommend do not have their cookies targeted at all based on this report. The 2 networks are Shareasale and ShareResults. Lack of cookie targeting BTW is one of my strongest reasons for preferring these networks, along with the fact that they are parasite-free.

In addition to reading the actual report above here is other commentary on the study from knowledgeable resources that have lots to say about it. Guess I need to blog in the middle of the night to beat these guys to the scoop. Vinny Lingham who commissioned the report writes: Special Report Released: Cookies detected by Anti-Spyware Programs. Clickz has another take on things here: Anti-Spyware Programs Snare Ad Cookies, Google Cookies Evade All. Lisa over at the Revenue Magazine blog also writes about the Cookie Deletion Report.

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