Quadruple Affiliate Conversion Rates with Video Marketing

I have seen a few affiliates to use videos on their site successfully to boost conversion rates. It’s not for every affiliate or type of product, but when you explore the application below you will understand how it could quadruple conversion rates for this affiliate. Aaron Wall at SEOBook links to an interview with one of his affiliates that quadrupled their affiliate conversions with video. Aaron says: “Affiliate marketing via video content. As the end merchant who’s product is being sold I can tell you that Brendon converts amazingly well.” Here is the interview from the Web Publishing Blog.

Web Video Quadruples Conversion Rates – Interview with Brendon Sinclair – The comment below comes after Brendon is asked to compare the sales conversions of his text based review of SEOBook and his video review.

“They’re not even close. The video review converts at 3-4 times the rate of the text review. And I’d expect it to – I can provide so much more information via video through using graphs, graphics and audio (I can do that to an extent with the text page but not nearly so well) that really help me get my message across..

The other critical aspect of the video review is that people get to see me. They can see, I hope, my genuineness (is that even a word?!) and my passion about Aaron’s book. And they can see my passion about the very positive influence that successful search engine optimization can have on a business or person. An important part of the video is that I can also demonstrate some credibility.”

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