Google AdSense Blogtimize Tips Help Boost Affiliate Revenue Too

I was just reading Google’s recommendations for placement of Adsense ads on blogs for the best click through and conversion rates. Everything they say applies to affiliate marketing so I think that affiliates and even merchants could get something out of reading this and reviewing the pictures of the optimum ad placement.

From the Official Google Adsense Blog Inside AdSense: Blogtimize!

“Whether the subject is gadgets, gossip, or a glimpse into the writer’s personal life, readers are deeply engaged with the content of their favorite blogs. What could be more effective than displaying an ad precisely relevant to that content? An ad after each post can serve as a “commercial break” from reading or as an “action step” to take after reading.”

Darren over at ProBlogger summarizes: Official AdSense Blog Gives Blogger Optimization Tips: Blog Tips at ProBlogger

“The official AdSense Blog has just posted a post which for the first time gives tips for Bloggers wanting to optimize their AdSense earnings. They’ve previously done these with general websites and forums but today is the first time I’ve seen them officially give attention to the humble blogger. They’ve even put up some ‘pretty’ pictures to help illustrate their points.”

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