Change your Affiliate Attitude AND Your Affiliate Site Architecture to Survive in a Google World

Really great insights and tips about how affiliates need to change, adapt or die in the new world of Google Penguin, Panda and all the other updates. This video and the blog post below it are as much about the attitude adjustments affiliates need to make, as it is about the site structure changes that are needed. Lots of meat – well worth a watch and a read!

New Rules of (Affiliate) site architecture
Martin McDonald at A4U Interviewed by Bas van den Beld

“Affiliates should be looking at Google changes not with fear and dispair
but should be looking at it as an opportunity.”

New Rules of (Affiliate) site architecture – Martin McDonald at A4U

At A4U Expo Martin Mc Donald talked about site architecture for Affiliates. The title might suggest it would be a very technical presentation, but in fact it was much more about getting affiliates to change their attitude.

All posts are talking about why things didn’t work. That is a negative look. You have to look at those who is gaining. Martin wants to affiliates to outrank Collectively affiliates have combined more opportunity than the big brands.

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