I always say “Market with Integrity and Everyone Wins!” However I’m sure that for affiliates who want to make the big bucks, it’s not always easy to draw the line between what’s legal, ethical and RIGHT for the consumer and what borders on being a rip off offer.

Josh Todd from the GetAds blog has some good advice!

Keeping It Clean

Affiliate Marketers make a lot of money. Not all of you, but a lot of you do. If you have made a lot of money in Affiliate Marketing, chances are you have had to tread the line between what is ethical / fair / moral, and what is not. It always turns out that the campaigns that make the most money are the ones that take the consumer right to the edge of what they are willing to pay for / sign up for / get involved with.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t be creative. I’m not saying you can’t ride that line and market on the edge. Just avoid outright deceiving people or spending your time thinking about how to cheat the system. There is plenty of money to be made in this industry legitimately. There are millionaires being made on a monthly basis. Just make sure that you are truly an Affiliate Marketer and not an Affiliate Scammer.


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