Affiliate Ad Stalking with the New Google Remarketing Feature

The Rule of 7 is a fairly well known marketing concept that says that an advertising prospect (or web site visitor) needs to be exposed to an ad or sales message at least seven times before they respond. So with that old marketing adage in mind, I would think the new remarketing feature Google announced today should make some affiliates very happy.

Imagine being able to show your ad to a prospect that left your site, later when they are on another related site? I would think the ROI and conversion rate on remarketing could be higher than standard PPC, since people have already been to your your site (you made a 1st impression) and you can make your retargeting ad a little more compelling or possibly make some other special offer.

Below is Jonathan Volks’ take on it, today’s Inside Adwords announcement, and a couple quotes from other articles that are worth reading.

Ad Stalking… Stalking Your Ideal Customer

Now when your “ideal” visitor visits one site and sees your ad on google adsense. Then let’s say they visit another totally unrelated site that you’re not targeting at all. Because it’s the same person, adsense can target that person and show them your ad again so they see it multiple times. (I call it Ad Stalking haha)

Now available: Reach the right audience through remarketing

Imagine you’re a travel company, and you’re trying to excite users during the holiday season about deals to tropical Caribbean destinations. Users may come to your website, browse the offers and think about booking a trip, but decide that the deal is still not cheap enough. Then, they continue to browse the web. If you later decide to offer discounted deals to the Carribean, how do you reach these users who have already expressed interest in travelling there?

To help you do this, this week we’re rolling out a new feature called remarketing. Any AdWords advertiser can use remarketing to reach users as they’re browsing the web on sites within the Google Content Network. Remarketing is a simple way to connect with users, based on their past interactions with your website.

SearchMarketingStandard – “The conversion rate on remarketing can be higher than standard PPC, since people already know your site and generally won’t bother to click if they’re not interested.

SearchEngineLand – “In this way search and remarketing can be informally connected, giving marketers some interesting ways to target people “higher up in the funnel” and throughout the consumer research process.

5 Comments on Affiliate Ad Stalking with the New Google Remarketing Feature

  1. Ad stalking is an awesome idea. I get calls from customers who have seen my billboards every day for weeks before they actually contact my business. I’m sure ad stalking it happens to me already – the closer I get to Easter the more weight loss ads I see to make me feel guilty about all that chocolate…

  2. I’ve always believed in the Rule of 7, so this is really, really good news!

  3. The ROI for Retargeting can be amazing – we used a company called FetchBack:

    The results were far better than we expected, and better than our paid search.

  4. Retargeting is an excellent way to advertise your brand and products throughout the web. Just as you’ve mentioned… once people visit your site, you’ve already made a first impression. Sometimes it’s that extra nudge that converts visitors into customers – especially if they were borderline on making a purchase. Here’s a company that’s been launching retargeting campaigns for SMB’s for awhile now – So the technology isn’t new, either – recently it’s just received a plethora of buzz with Google’s announcement of it’s Adwords Remarketing.

  5. John Cow has a cow…LOL

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