Future of Affiliate Marketing on AffiliateWire at WebmasterRadio

Today, the third episode of AffiliateWire airs over at WebmasterRadio. AffiliateWire is hosted by our client RevenueWire and the show offers knowledge and analysis on e-commerce conversion strategies and current issues in affiliate marketing. Tune in Thursday at 1PM EST.

The season’s third episode of AffiliateWire features a talk with successful affiliate and industry mogul, Peter Dunbar (www.vtmarketer.com). Topics of discussion will include the Content Network, search engine optimization strategies and trends, and the future direction of affiliate marketing.

This month’s show will also include a roundtable discussion about the hottest topics in affiliate marketing today including sponsored tweets, video marketing and the recent cancellation of Amazon affiliates in Colorado.

New episodes of AffiliateWire air every third Thursday of the month at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific on WebmasterRadio.FM or on-demand in the AffiliateWire archives. Episodes are also available through iTunes.

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