Give your Affiliate Campaigns the Psychological Edge and Boost Conversions

Emotion stimulates the mind 3000 times faster than rational thought
George Miller (Psychologist)

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “people buy emotionally and then justify their purchases logically.” Well it’s true, however I still see lots of affiliates selling features and benefits to try to appeal to the logical part of the decision making process. If you can learn to appeal to certain emotions in the selling process, your sales conversions can go up significantly.

Understand the fears and desires your visitors are facing and learn to address those issues in your sales copy. Now I’m not talking about dishonest manipulation at all here! I’m talking about understanding your potential customers and changing the focus of your copy so that you can relate to them, on their level and based on the feelings that are driving them.

Here are some good articles that will help give your affiliate campaigns the psychological edge.

Emotional Motivators in Landing Page Optimization “All of the specific strategies and tactics that you will apply to landing page optimization are aimed at influencing basic human emotions and moving your visitors off their comfortable spot… several key copywriting concepts that motivate people to act: fear, greed, guilt, exclusivity, anger, salvation, or flattery. Not one of these motivations is rational — all of them are rooted in our fundamental and unchanging emotional nature.”

Psychology of Selling Affiliate Style – 12 Conversion Boosters “But there are a myriad of emotional ‘buy’ triggers in between. I guarantee if you analyze your site and make improvements based on several of the 12 psychological trigger points below you will see a major increase in CTR and conversions.”

How to Motivate People to Buy “So, when it comes to getting someone to buy, you’re definitely invoking emotion. But by understanding emotional response in terms of motivation rather than feelings, you’ll have a better idea on how to craft your copy.”

Emotions that Drive Affiliate Marketing Sales, Part One “Call it what you will; “a feeling,” “woman’s intuition,” or a “gut instinct.” Regardless of what you call it, it’s the customer’s emotions that close the deal.”

Emotions that Drive Affiliate Marketing Sales, Part Two “We all like to believe that when we decide to buy something, we’re making a conscious, calculated, and rational decision. A decision based solely on the merits of the product. But we don’t … you don’t ….. and neither do your customers.”

Emotions that Drive Affiliate Marketing Sales, Part Three “But even if you successfully relieve your customers’ anxiety and confusion, there’s still one more customer emotional problem that you must address. And that is ….”

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. This is so real. We need to close a part of our logical when we try to sell. We need to put the product in front. I will put your feed on my site.

    Good job and may your success be more than you can hold!

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