Merry Xmas from Google – Affiliates get Adwords Bans

There have been numerous posts over the past few days about what is sounding like one of the biggest rashes of Adwords bans to date – and right in the middle of the Holiday buying season. I feel bad for all the affiliates that have gotten the ban hammer – many of whom say they were not doing shady rebills or promoting other questionable sites.

Tied into the issue of the affiliate bans on Adwords, there has also been much fear and speculation about whether Google is trying to become the world’s largest affiliate. This due to the beta launch of Google’s Product Listing Ads.

To get up to speed on current issues and commentary, see the following stories.

The Google Affiliate Juggernaut “There has been a lot of rumor and speculation lately about exactly how and when Google would start becoming an affiliate and taking their sponsored search results and turn them into CPA placements for their Google Affiliate Network partners”

Google May Become The World’s Largest Search Affiliate “The biggest revelation that was drawn from this and the subsequent thread over on WebmasterWorld was that Google was flushing out even the highest quality affiliates. On Wednesday, November 11th, the Inside AdWords blog announced Product Listing Ads. Product listing ads are image ads that appear along with the normal sponsored listings on a Google search result page except they have images, merchant name and prices associated with the ad.”

Google Hates Affiliates “I’ve never ran a rebill, ringtone offer or any other prohibited niches on Google Adwords. I had a few ads disapproved a while back for running polls on the Google Content Network. I also have not ran anything in this account for probably a year. Whatever algorithm Google is using to suspend these accounts is way over the top.”

Google Hates You and You and You… And Me! “It’s really funny as I haven’t touched the account for such a long time, and the only time I tried rebills on Google was when green tea was all the rage. I had a small stint with acai berry that quickly ended when I spent $100 in about 5 minutes. The little things like this really can come back to haunt you I guess. It is reminders like this that make me want to focus on quality, and while quality can sometimes be harder to convert, I think in the long run it would be more worth it (as you aren’t having accounts across all platforms shut down!)”

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