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hol_08MWhat better time to spice up your copy or add some new keyword rich content than right before the Holidays – the biggest selling season of the year! We all know that content is king and COMPELLING content sells, so take some time to learn how to improve on the sales copy you have already written to make a bigger impact on Q4 sales. Yes, there is still time, just do it!

Here are some best blog posts I’ve read recently that deal with boosting conversions with great copywriting.

How to Motivate People to Buy “Thinking in terms of motivation makes selling with emotion a little less mysterious. And spending the time to truly know who your prospects are makes motivation crystal clear.”

Five Effective Copywriting Tactics for Affiliate Marketing “What’s the secret to effective affiliate marketing? It all boils down to engagement. So let’s take a look a five copy tactics that can bring you immediate and long-term revenue from affiliate programs”

How to Sell More Ethically “How to write ethical sales copy: Ethical selling is about convincing people to spend money on something they need. Sleazy selling is about convincing people to spend money on something you want them to buy.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Niche “Just look for the hidden benefits behind an audience’s interest in your topic, and target those benefits instead. Standing out is a matter of having a more intimate understanding of your readers than the competition. Let the hidden benefits guide you – you’ll beat them every time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Great post. I like the post “How to sell Ethically” as there are too many crap ebooks sold online just for the sake to make money only.

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