5 Profit Building Posts for PPC Affiliates

Many techniques and strategies come into play when it comes to running a successful PPC affiliate campaign. Landing page design, optimization, testing, quality score, keyword selection and many other factors all must come together to create a winning campaign.

Below are some of the best blog posts I’ve read recently on various aspects of running a profitable PPC campaign. I truly hope you can find some gems in here that will help you generate more revenue with PPC.

Stop Burning money! “Flying blind into a PPC campaign is a sure fire way of losing your investment and wasting your time, but it doesn’t have to play out that way.”

Landing Page Tutorial Part 1 “More experienced internet marketers understand the importance of landing page testing and optimizing, however many newcomers fail to grasp how big of a factor landing pages play in determining how profitable or unprofitable a campaign will be.”

Landing page testing for success “I’ve mentioned several times before on this blog that landing page testing is one of the most important keys to success. Almost no other changes you can make have as much impact on the bottom line as landing page split testing. I thought I would expand on that a bit…”

Search Network or Content Network? “How exactly does the content network work? Should I be using it for my business or strictly stick with the search engine side of ppc? Is it worth the effort involved? Will I receive enough traffic compared to search engine ppc to justify the time do work with the content network?”

Boost Quality Scores With These Simple Tips “So what tools and tactics can search marketers adopt to hone relevance and copy effectiveness in a large-scale search campaign? Here are a few of the most effective tactics that will deliver a clear competitive advantage.”

Hat tip to Geno @eprussakov for the story lead on the 1st post at Lammo.net.

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  1. Nice list, Linda! Glad to be of inspiration. 🙂

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