Examples of Different Types of Affiliate Sites

One of the most common questions I’m asked on my affiliate forum is “can you show me some examples of good affiliate sites?” I don’t blame people for asking, but I obviously can’t share affiliate sites due to confidentiality. Most affiliates are pretty private about their sites and many have had their ideas stolen, sites copied or niches taken when they have shared their sites on a public forum.

So I was happy to see this post by Geno showing different styles of affiliate sites complete with links and screen shots. If you’ve been curious to see some good examples of different types of affiliate sites, here you go.

Affiliate Websites – Types and Examples

Both affiliates and merchants frequently ask me for examples of affiliate websites. Normally, I tell everyone that it isn’t exactly right for an affiliate program manager to give away the URL’s of his affiliates’ websites. But there is a way to do it right. I’ll show you examples of affiliate websites that you have either already heard of (and haven’t paid attention that they are monetizing their traffic via affiliate programs), or those that have okayed their representation in this post. I will look at 5 types of affiliate websites: (i) content-based, (ii) coupons-focused, (iii) rebates- or cashback-oriented, (iv) shopping mall, and (v) comparison shopping.

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  1. Glad you’ve enjoyed my post, and thank you for linking to it, Linda.

    You coming to the Affiliate Summit East 2009?

  2. Nice post Linda, I teach affiliate marketing and this is something that people ask me all the time. I don’t mind revealing a couple of my sites, but I definitely don’t want people to try and clone me 🙂

    Have fun,

  3. Thanks for stopping by Geno. No I won’t be at Summit this time, so have fun for me!

    Hi Sean, thanks for commenting.

  4. Thanks for giving out this affiliate info for free. People charge money for it.

    I admire you for doing this.

  5. Hi Linda
    Thank for the info. I’ll definitely will be subscribing to you blog.
    Would you please write a post concerning Affiliate Summit East 2009?

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