eBay – No Squidoo or Hubpages Affiliate Links Allowed

The Squidoo blog just announced that eBay Partner Network (EPN) will soon be making some changes and will no longer allow direct affiliate links on Squidoo. You can use the Squidoo-sponsored eBay module, just can’t post your own direct links.

According to Squidoo, EPN isn’t just targeting Squidoo, they will also not allow affiliate links on Hubpages, Typepad and other yet to be announced sites.

Some eBay changes you should know about

Starting very soon, the eBay Partner Network (EPN) will no longer support individual affiliate links or campaign IDs posted on Squidoo. This means using your own eBay affiliate links manually coded into your lenses. If eBay finds these links and reports them to us, your lens could get locked. eBay also says that in such cases, your membership and payouts in the eBay Partner Network will be discontinued. EBay tells us this new policy will be applicable to many big community sites like Squidoo (and lots of other places on the web, too, like HubPages and Typepad).

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