New York Affiliates – Important Advertising Tax Survey

The battle is still raging in many states to raise state revenue via anti-affiliate legislation that could ultimately cost affiliates lost income and possibly even their businesses. New York affiliates know better than anyone how devastating the advertising tax can be as many of them have already had to deal with the aftermath of this unfortunate situation.

As more and more states consider adding the advertising tax, they look to New York. They look at the amount of money the increased sales tax is bringing in. What they DON’T look at, because no one has been able to quantify it, is the other half of the story – the income loss of these affiliate small businesses. This lost income means lower income tax paid to the state. But again, we don’t know what those numbers are. We data to help us fight the legislation efforts in other states.

Affiliate Summit is conducting a New York Advertising Tax Impact Survey. If you are a New York affiliate, please take the survey. See complete details at the Affiliate Summit blog.

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