Great News re CA and Hawaii Advertising Tax (Amazon Tax)

Excellent news for affiliates in California and Hawaii. Both states vetoed the advertising tax (Amazon tax). Here are press releases about it for each state.


Governor Schwarzenegger just committed – NO advertising tax (affiliate sales tax) in CA. Therefore Overstock overturned their decision to terminate affiliates! So that means Amazon and other companies won’t have to cancel their affiliate agreements in the state either!

We all worked together to fight this tax. We are safe!
Schwarzenegger GETS it!

Official Press Release – Governor Schwarzenegger Remains Committed to No New Taxes, Announces Will Continue to do Business in California

“After passing the largest tax increase in California history, it makes absolutely no sense to go back to the taxpayers to solve the current shortfall – that’s why yesterday I vetoed the majority vote tax increase passed by the legislature. With unemployment at an all time high, we should be doing everything we can to – keep jobs and create jobs – in California. That is why my Administration immediately contacted when we learned of this news and, I am pleased to announce has reversed its decision and will continue to do business with affiliates here in California. I will continue to fight to keep jobs and businesses in California.”


Governor Lingle vetoes online tax bill. She cites Amazon and Overstock’s decision to terminate affiliates. Legislation could still overturn her decision but the fact she vetoed is REALLY great news.

Hawaii affiliates need to stay on top of legislators to be sure this veto does not get overturned on July 15th.

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  1. That is wonderful! As a Californian I’m really delighted that he recognized that trying to tax based on affiliates would do no good.

  2. I agree with stephanie but what other choice does he have.Nobody would like to see Californians not being able to solve the financial shortfall problem.If it happens it is going to be like a after shock for the foreclosure and subprime crisis.

  3. Looks like us North Carolinians are still screwed, huh?

  4. Chris, so sorry about North Carolina. I wonder if there’s a chance the law could still be overturned there?

  5. Yeah it’s a shame they’re being so stupid about this. I’m already dropped from Amazon, so let’s hope the rest don’t follow. It’s funny how a recession like this just makes everyone grab at straws looking for ways to bring in more money without thinking about the consequences. So many people here make their living off of affiliate marketing, and now all that money is going to be gone. Way to help the economy, dumbasses.

  6. I agree Chris. SOOOOOO short sighted and stupid! Now they won’t get much of the increased sales tax they were hoping for but they WILL get a big reduction in income tax rev due to all the affiliates that will have reduced commissions.

  7. That’s exactly right Linda. Do you know who I can contact in NC govt that would be making these decisions? Not that it would do anything, but it’s worth a shot.

  8. Chris here are some email contacts for NC legislators and even an email template you can customize and use.

    NC: Rep Thom Tillis fighting nexus bill

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