Before you Thumbs Down the Content Network Read This

Do you avoid the Google content network in your PPC advertising? I largely do. I try a campaign every now and then but have not had great success.

However after reading all the detailed tips below I think it’s worth trying again. One big take away I got from the article is, you need to use different keywords and a whole different keyword strategy really. Brad Geddes explains… see the Iphone example below.

Ignoring The Content Network? Think Again To Vastly Improve Conversions

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  1. I definitely have to test with the Content Network. For some clients and some industries we’ve seen it perform well, and for others it doesn’t offer a real return on investment.That’s why it’s important to TEST. Great article, thanks for passing it on.

  2. You gotta be kidding me, my most successful and highest converting campaigns are on the content network. However, as mentioned, you have to take a completely different approach and possibly even create some different ad variations.

    I know my Content Campaigns have been mostly successful on volume, because I can get clicks for about half the price than on the search network. I think obviously this can be impacted by the niche you are in however.

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