URGENT Minnesota Affiliates – Sales Tax Senate Hearing Thursday

I blogged a warning on March 6th that Minnesota, Connecticut, Tennessee and Hawaii all have pending Sales tax legislation on the books similar to the NY “Amazon” tax and AB 178 in California.

Just found out Minnesota is further ahead in the process than CA and they are already to the Senate level and the hearing for Bill SF 282 is coming up next week! If the bill passes it will go into effect the end of June!

The Senate hearing is Thursday March 26th at 8:30, at the Capitol in room 15.

UPDATE 3/24: Melanie just reported: Minnesota Delays Hearing.

In CA a large group of us have organized a coalition lead by the PMA to fight this and we have several things on our lobbying agenda.

In Minn, you have no time for letter campaigns or anything else. All you can do is try to get a couple affiliates with compelling stories to testify at the hearing. You need to put a face on the issue – plead the case of potential loss of income and even loss of your business, based on what happened in NY.

Since there is no time to waste, I can be point person to try to help connect any Minn. affiliates that want to quickly organize and plan a strategy for Thursday. Comment here that you want to be involved or email me privately: linda AT 5staraffiliateprograms.com subject: Minnesota Affiliate Tax. Email me your name, city and phone (optional) and I will send everyone that replies the list so you can connect. I imagine not more than a couple Minn affiliates will happen to see this that are willing to testify and are the lobbying type.

Melanie Seery broke the story and has a lot more info.
Minnesota Affiliates Get Ready

UPDATE: Good advice from Beth Kirsch who was formerly a federal lobbyist.

“The issue is that no one knows our story. That is the real issue with this and the problem with the bill. A couple affiliates need to go and walk about the MN senate, talk to the committee members and tell their story.

This is the senate committee. There is nothing like a face to face meetings and someone should go talk to the chair. You can also write letters and make phone calls. I would also reach out to the MN tax payer’s association.

Legislation can be stopped, people just need to organize and lobby. We are going to be able to stop this in California. It was stopped last year and we’ll stop it this year.”

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  1. Thanks Linda. for helping to the the word out. I just got back home after dealing with an emergency. I’ll add a comment to my blog in case any of my readers from Minnesota want to team up with others.

  2. Thanks Melanie for catching this in time. I’ve been busy on CA since I’m a resident here and hadn’t kept up with the other states.

    We need someone full-time to just keep up with legislation these days. 🙁

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