Affiliates: How to Survive and Thrive in a Bad Economy

affiliate marketing bad economyShareResults, one of our 5 Star Affiliate Networks, has a great series going that offers strategies that can help affiliates keep revenue up and find hidden opportunities in the bad economic situation we are all in.

As I was researching for the story I decided to add some other great resources for recession-proofing your online marketing and blogging. Grok has some GREAT actionable tips including the free whitepaper to the left!

Affiliate Strategies for a Recession – ShareResults Blog

Making a Profit Online during a Recession – ShareResults Blog

ROI in a Recession – ShareResults Blog

Opportunity Can Be Found In Rough Times – Advaliant

Online Marketers Can Weather the Financial Crisis – Grokdotcom

And here’s one for all the bloggers in the audience.
How the Financial Crisis Benefits Bloggers
– Copy Blogger

Below are a couple good quotes from the Grok article above.

Innovate Your Way Through – FutureNow, Conversion Rate Specialists

“In a good economy, the rising tide lifts all boats. In a down economy, you’ll quickly know how good you really are. And let’s face it, we could all get a little better, right?”

“Conversion optimization basics may no longer be working or working less well. You must innovate your way through.”

“Stay focused on your customer first, not on the market.”

I really like that last point and the following thoughts are geared more toward eTailers. Instead of only thinking about the bottom line, think about how you can improve the customer experience and stand out from the rest. As consumers face reduced service from so many companies due to cut-backs – use this time to make your company really stand out with increased service.

As everyone else is leaving customers on hold and cutting back perks – start giving a little thank you gift with purchase or a follow-up thank you call, with no selling or pitch, simply “we appreciate your business” Increase your positive mind share now and when the economy turns around you’ll be on top with increased market share.

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  1. I guess “free” stuff sites will do good in these times.. hah 🙂

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