Hate the New My Yahoo – It’s Costing me Money

Time is money, right? Well the new My Yahoo is wasting my time and costing me money. It’s also REALLY aggravating my carpal tunnel – all these extra clicks to try to fix everything that’s broken. Anyone else hating it as much as I do?

After they launched the new My Yahoo awhile back, there was an option to continue to use the old My Yahoo. I reverted back to the old version because to me it’s the leanest meanest RSS reader I’ve found. I had everything set up so I could quickly scan a ton of feeds which I have to do numerous times per day to stay up on the news and find stories to blog about.

Now they flipped a switch without notice. I logged on yesterday and Boom – without my consent I have the NEW version – it’s the only option and it sucks! I’m having a myriad of problems. Half my feeds don’t load. Most of my settings are lost. 3/4 of my feeds that were set to show a summary are now title only and have to be changed. Lots of my content is gone. The feeds I have are really hard to read because the headlines are very soft and light colored. Titles need to be big and bold so they stand out as you scan. You can change your background color, but no control over fonts.

So I’m feeling crippled today. Wasted all morning just trying to get 1/2 of it to work. Why in the world would they pull the old one so many of us prefer? It wasn’t broken – but the new version is! Hopefully they’ll hear all of our complaints and give us the option to use the old one this week. Otherwise this weekend I’m going to have to waste a HUGE chunk of time finding a new reader and I’m pulling all my feeds out of My Yahoo.

/ End rant

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  1. Wow – how crappy. We are not MyYahoo users but we’d be just as angry if we were….that is ridiculous that they didn’t give you a fair warning at least or not even that — but gave you the option to switch to the new or stay with the old. Like the saying goes — “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.”

  2. Ya if it was just cosmetic it would be different, but 1/2 the functional features I relied on don’t work right now – so what you said: “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!”

    There’s lots of extra stuff that average Joe consumer may like as far as making it sort of a personalized homepage. But I just want a clean feedreader that lets me quickly scan. Now to me it’s like a pretty home page that’s not functional and doesn’t work well for reading feeds.

  3. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m currently getting. My notes to self from yesterday are gone and none of my feeds work at all.

    New MyYahoo Sucks

  4. time to set-up igoogle

  5. Hi George. Yep I’ll be checking it out for sure to see if it does what I need.

  6. Thank God. I thought it was just me that hates the new yahoo. I have sent a dozen e-mails to them and not a single reply. I will keep checking this site for info on how to get back to the classic yahoo or changing to a different company.

  7. I totally agree, the idiots have been let loose to screw up everything, people who live and work in windowless rooms and have no concept of the “real world”. Change appearance DOES NOT WORK, is not even active, you click on it and nothing happens, I tried this on three separate browsers, IE, FireFox and Opera.

    Fonts are too faint and too small to read. The whole mess is amateurish and you got to wonder how they can pay these idiots any money at all to dream up this abortion. They really are a bunch of “yahoos”— people with too much time on their hands so “let’s go tweak something”!

    I am searching for an alternative, I kind of like Excite (but too many ads) lots of nice customization though, also Netvibes shows promise as soon as I can figure out how to add my yahoo favorites to it. One thing for sure, as soon as I find an alternative, they can take this “new” my yahoo and shove it

  8. I moved all my feeds over to Google Reader. Took me 1 minute to move about 100 feeds once I figured out how. I didn’t like using it before because I like the old MyYahoo better.

    But now that I was forced to switch I’m actually liking it a lot better.
    Use list view and view all items. As you read them mark them read.
    So glad now that I switched!

    Bye Yahoo, it was nice knowing ya!

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