Brilliant Cheesy Music Video – User Reviews Boost Conversions

I seldom watch Youtube videos and rarely see a marketing video this well done and so viral. I keep watching it and can’t get Extreme’s “More than Words” song out of my head. This is just brilliant!

“More Than Words” by Old X-hippy Rockers with Bad Wigs

Just hit play & watch the whole thing. Trust me, it’s that good!

Partial Lyrics Below: (Source – strong>GetElastic

“Sayin’ you should buy this, are not the words they will believe from you
It’s just they have YouTube, and every search brings up blog entries too
How easy it could be to find out how they feel

More than words is all you had to use to make it real
Then you wouldn’t have to cry over costs per click
‘Cause you’re Google’s top guy

What you do with Ratings and Reviews?
More than words to keep it real
Let them say just how they feel
What would you say
If they took those words away
Then they wouldn’t buy things new
Without reading a review…”

Head over to Linda’s Bustos Get Elastic blog to read the rest:
Bringing Sexy Back to Customer Reviews

This little ditty is from Bazaarvoice. “Bazaarvoice combines leading social commerce technology with a team of dedicated pros who make it easy to turn your customer voice into serious business results. In ways you’d never imagine.”

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  1. Pretty cool…

    video marketing is the in thing

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