Brilliantly Sneaky Copywriting Secret Affiliates Must Learn

Copyblogger has a great post about a very important copywriting ‘secret’ affiliates must use to be successful. Sonia explains why you need to use this technique and helps you to get into the mind of one of your potential visitors. No matter how good you think your copy is and how thorough your marketing strategy, this is the dilemma you may be facing…

“The fact is, Ron Reader found one of your posts (maybe #3 out of that carefully planned series of 12) on StumbleUpon and spent 30 seconds skimming the subheads. He read the first sentence twice because he thought it was funny, then he skipped down and read part of the last paragraph.

Then you got lucky–instead of Ron hitting “Stumble” again, Ron’s boss came up behind the cube and Ron had to think fast. He brought up a spreadsheet to look like he was working. An hour later, Ron’s cousin sent another link to YouTube, and Ron spent 20 minutes surfing videos of dogs drinking beer. Then he wrapped up that really overdue report while eating a bag of Fritos and catching up on email.

Four minutes before he shut down for the day, Ron noticed your post again, so he read your first paragraph and one of the sections that looked kind of interesting.”

Find out about this not so secret, secret and the importance of using it well.
How to Be a Copywriting Genius: The Brilliantly Sneaky Trick You Must Learn

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