Hear the Controversial Jason Calacanis Summit Keynote

There has been a ton of conflicting commentary flying around the blogosphere about the controversial Jason Calacanis Affiliate Summit Keynote. One of the juicier quotes Sam at Revenews live-blogged was: “Truth is, much of this affiliate stuff is bullshit ponzi scheme where people got lucky and made a lot of money not doing much.” So you can imagine the reaction many affiliate marketers had, however some saw his talk as a wake up call.

Because bloggers had such differing viewpoints, almost as if some heard different versions of the talk, my guess is you need to listen to it yourself – so here it is! Below the podcast is a list of blogs that are buzzing about this. Listen, read the option of others, then weigh in with your comments below.

LISTEN UP! the Controversial Jason Calacanis Affiliate Summit Keynote

Jason Calacanis on Affiliate Spam
Jason Calacanis talks about affiliate spam, Seth Godins Squidoo service and remarking about the large amount of content on Squidoo that is stolen and is overpopulated with affiliate spam.

Show: Affiliate Summit

Channel: Conferences

Below are some of the blogs discussing the keynote.
If you read nothing else, read the very last post by Jangro.

Live Blogging the Jason Calacanis Keynote at Affiliate Summit Sam from Revenews gives a blow-by-blow account. Here’s a couple quotes:

10:15am “Affiliate people doing spam can abuse these systems only so much before they collapse.”

10:15am “We’re tolerant of these people polluting the web. Affiliate companies are enabling the polluters of the well and turning a blind eye.”

10:20am “Truth is, much of this affiliate stuff is bullshit ponzi scheme where people got lucky and made a lot of money not doing much.”

10:22am “The internet has turned into a criminal mindset game.

10:22am Calacanis busting Shoemoney, Zac Johnson and the guys who post their earning checks.

Wow Calacanis – a little down on affiliate marketing or what? No really, don’t hold back, tell us what you really think! 😉

At 1st I agreed with Trust’s comment – why would you have someone that hates affiliate marketing, do the keynote? Then in thinking about it I realized it was a brilliant move. Many big Internet personalities and marketers share his view of our industry. It’s a fact! I think pressure from people like Jason may help us do a better job of self policing and at least trying to clean up our industry.

Additional Calacanis Keynote commentary:

Are you an affiliate marketer? You suck! ~ Calacanis FinalTag

Jason Calacanis Insults Affiliate Summit Attendees, Says They Pollute The Internet Joel Comm

Jason Calacanis Thinks Affiliate Marketing is BS – ASW08 Keynote Winning the Web Blog

Keynote – Jason Calacanis Urges Affiliates to Think Big, Stop Holding Up Checks James Omdahl @ Marketing Punk

Calacanis and the Real Hurdles for Affiliate Marketing Sam @ Revenews

Mahalo’s Missing DNA back at you Jason Calacanis Wayne @ Revenews

“Don’t pollute the river”, affiliates told Linus @ E-consultancy

Jason Calacanis Goes Green, Tells Affiliates to Stop Polluting

Jason Calacanis keynote at Affiliate Summit West 08 Tris @ Maple Leaf 2.0

Affiliate Summit – Day 1 Keynote Speech

JASON SPEAKS: Jason Calacanis himself blogs about his keynote. He really doesn’t say much except “The Affiliate Summit keynote went really well…. it was less controversial and more substance.” Hmmm… sounded pretty controversial to me, based on what I’m reading. It’s so interesting to hear the different points of view. Some good comments on his blog too.

MORE JASON : More feedback on my talk at the Affiliate Summit yesterday.

LAST but not LEAST: Thank you Jason Calacanis by Scott Jangro! Wow Scott, dynamic post! Thank you! I wasn’t there, but I think you probably summed up the essence of the message best and highlight the lesson our industry needs to learn.

Share your thoughts in the comments below or let me know if I missed a good blog about the Keynote & I’ll add it as I get time.

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1 Comment on Hear the Controversial Jason Calacanis Summit Keynote

  1. Linda,

    Thanks for posting the podcast. I have criticized Jason’s keynote from the very time I learned he was going to give this keynote speech… It did not change my view of Mahalo, but I see his point about spam in our industry.

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