Microsoft Launches adCenter Affiliate Program

I’m Sorry This Affiliate Program is Closing. Please see announcement:
adCenter Affiliate Program to Close February 29

5 Star is proud to announce the new Microsoft® adCenter Affiliate Program.

Microsoft adCenter Affiliate Program
Microsoft adCenter. Partner. Post. Profit.
Tech bloggers, SEO’s and Internet Marketers often talk about the benefits of using the Microsoft adCenter platform for PPC advertising. Now you can earn revenue by spreading the word and referring new advertisers to adCenter, via the Microsoft® Affiliate Network. From the Press Release:

“This program is a clear win-win for Microsoft and affiliate marketers.” said Linda Buquet, President of 5 Star Affiliate Programs. “Having an adCenter affiliate program will help expand Microsoft’s reach in the advertising community and will offer affiliate partners the opportunity to share the revenue. We are proud to have Microsoft join the 5 Star family of high integrity affiliate programs.” she said.

MSN adCenter Affiliate Program Highlights

.:. $50 adCenter credit sign-up promotion helps you close sales
.:. Tracking and real-time reports powered by Kowabunga MYAP
.:. Pro-active affiliate managers dedicated to your success

About the Microsoft® Affiliate Network
The network encompasses all of Microsoft’s premier affiliate opportunities. Today there are two Microsoft services affiliates can promote and profit from – MSN adCenter and Windows Live OneCare. Over the next few months more Microsoft products and services will be added.

As always, let me know how I can help you be successful with this 5 Star Affiliate Program!

4 Comments on Microsoft Launches adCenter Affiliate Program

  1. This sure is big news Linda, good luck with the program, I know I will be joining.

  2. Thanks so much for blogging the news Brian. FYI I am not managing the program, I don’t do management any more, I only do affiliate program promotion and PR. HOWEVER I only represent programs that have pro-active, affiliate-centered management in place. The team at Kowabunga is managing this program, so it’s in good hands.

  3. I made the change on my blog … I guess I read it to fast, it is exciting news

  4. Oh no problem at all Brian. EVERYONE thinks I still do management, so you’re not the lone ranger. 😉

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