Have been reading lots about the Squidoo crackdown on spam. As it always happens after the spammers find a hole and start abusing the system, it makes it harder for honest marketers to even use ethical marketing tactics.

Squidoo has already implemented many new spam control measures that could impact you even if you are not a spammer. If you have a new lens you need to have more than 3 modules (not including the introduction) or it will not appear to be publicly published, even if it has been. Also no more iframes among numerous other changes. If you have a new Squidoo Lens or are considering one, you’ll want to read these posts.

The lab has been investigating the recent drop in ranking for Squidoo lenses in Google’s search engine results. It appears that as of the 7th of July nearly all Squidoo lenses have dropped in ranking in the Google search engines. There is a lot of speculation in various forums at present (including Squidoo’s own SquidU forum) but the reasons are uncertain.”
Source: Squidoo Slap!!

“Squidoo is growing by leaps and bounds, and with success also comes trouble. Spamming is a hot topic right now, and I just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know what we’re doing to cope with the problem.”
Source: SquidBlog » An update on spam (including iframes)

“In last week’s post I mentioned that we’re embarking on an exciting, proactive approach to combating spam at Squidoo. We’ve learned two things in the last ten days or so: First, that spammers will flock when they find a hole they can exploit, and second that our users and others are incredibly helpful in finding the holes and working with us to plug them.

At the heart of our new efforts are six new structural changes that we’ll be focusing on over the next week or two…”
Source: SquidBlog » Fighting Spam, part II

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