Pop up a Video Bubble Guru to Help Boost Sales and Sign-ups

Here’s an interesting new Web 2.0 service that lets you float in a video bubble on top of your site to greet visitors, explain your offer or encourage newsletter sign-ups. I love the little “pop” as the bubble bursts on and off of your site. I don’t have a web cam, so can’t show you my own example here. Go over to Marketing Pilgrim to see Andy Beal’s quickie example.

Or just go to Bubble Guru and play the demos. I can see these things popping up on lots of funky squeeze pages but I can see lots of ways a Bubble Guru could be used very tastefully.

For instance I can totally see a Shawn Collins bubble guru floating up over his blog, reminding everyone the Summit is almost sold out, so you need to register today! EDITED TO ADD: Shawn saw my post and added his Bubble Guru. Go check it out at the Affiliate Tip Blog.

I can see Sam Harrelson popping up over CostperNews giving people highlights of the recent most recent blog entries he’s posted over at Affiliate Fortune Cookies. In fact I see he just posted about this over there too.

At any rate, if you are into video, this is something to check out and there’s a basic version that’s FREE. Here’s some info about what you can do.

With Bubble Guru you can market, sell, educate, entertain, and deliver information in an engaging manner. Bubble Guru creates a recognizable face for your internet presence, and from a business perspective, they dramatically improve communications with your target audience helping you to boost sales, click-through rates, page-views, and the amount of time visitors spend on your website.