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What’s Hot? Find Hot Niches! One method of niche marketing is to find smaller niches or sub-niches that are not as competitive. That’s the type of niche marketing I’ve covered alot so far, mainly to help newbies find easier ways to get started.

If you are more of a pro, the most DYNAMIC way to profit from niche marketing is to discover hot new products, hot new interests, hot new problems that need to be solved. Then target the niche early and dominate it! So… here’s what I have for you today.

Linda’s HOT LIST :: of HOT LINKS :: for finding HOT NICHES!
I’m sparing you the commentary to give you mainly the links.

You can discover a goldmine of niche finding tips, tools and ideas in the 5 Star Niche Marketing Blog. There is even more in-depth niche research info at the 5 Star Niche FORUM, due to the comments, other ideas and tools members are adding every week. It can be tedious for you to dig through it all to find the tool you want and to read all the long winded copy I write, attempting to explain how to best use all the tools.

So I’m compiling a list of all the niche tools. This 1st section contains tools for finding hot NEW niche ideas, things that are growing in popularity. I’ll add some of my other niche tools later, categorize the list and build it as I can. So bookmark it and check back often.

– Find New Markets to DOMINATE!

Start a new site, blog, Squidoo or Hubpage to grab your spot at the top of new trends!

.:. The Consumer Demand Index (CDI) makes it easy for you to put your finger on the pulse of consumer demand. With millions of shopping searches conducted each week, the CDI reveals emerging trends and hidden gems while highlighting the hottest products.

.:. ยป Top Shopping Searches

.:. New York Times – Top Searches Word Cloud – Find out what’s hot in the minds of America.

.:. 43 Things – Most popular goals – Discloses popular pains, goals, needs

.:. 43 Things – Homepage word cloud – great for finding ideas

.:. / popular – If lots bookmark it, there’s interest and it may be hot

.:. Ebay Pulse – What’s hot and most searched. Drill down DEEP by category to find sub-niches

.:. Ebay Want It Now – They want it NOW! – Dig DEEP by category

.:. Yahoo! Buzz – Shows popular product searches

.:. Technorati Popular – Top searches

.:. Google Hot Trends Shows top searches patterns and trends

.:. Top 1,000 Searches

.:. AOL Hotsearches

.:. Ask IQ Weekly top searches

.:. Lycos 50 Weekly top Searches

.:. Twitterverse – Most popular word cloud for Twitter. What are they twittering about?

And as I do niche research and find other new ones I will add them here as well.

If you have COOL niche tools I haven’t covered yet, please post them in the
niche forum
and I’ll add them to this list as I get them.

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