Flipboard Takes the Leap To Video Ads


Flipboard is on the path to expansion again.  As of today, users/brands can submit their television-quality commercials and bring them to the digital magazine app.  The ads will feature “Cinema Loops,”  which are 3-8 second segments of the larger file.  This of course is meant to lure the viewers into a…

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FTC Announces Workshop to Examine Online Lead Generation

The Federal Trade Commission will hold a workshop on October 30, 2015, to explore the growing use of online lead generation in various industries, including consumer lending and education. The workshop, “Follow the Lead: An FTC Workshop About Online Lead Generation,” will gather a variety of stakeholders, including industry representatives,…

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Etsy Test Out The Crowdfunding Platform


Last month, Etsy announced that they were indeed dipping their toes into the crowdfunding pool. The successful e-commerce platform geared towards independent “crafters” and handmade items went public in April, and now is expanding its reach to include modern day financing tools.  Their pilot program “Fund on Etsy” allows some…

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stopped a group of marketers in California from using allegedly bogus “risk free trial” offers to sell skincare products online.  At the Commission’s request, a federal district court has issued a temporary restraining order against the defendants halting their allegedly deceptive marketing practices, freezing…

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Twitter Considering the Purchase of Flipboard

Twitter and Flipboard

Re/Code recently reported that Twitter just might be considering the purchase of Flipboard. Flipboard in a nutshell is a social aggregation app that allows users to organize articles about various subjects and interests into their own sort of digital magazine. The possible acquisition of the company that was co-founded in…

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